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The adventure SKELETON KEY

Skeleton Key, the first escape game with actors in France – completely interactive and immersive!

More than a game, take part in a real live show!

Skeleton Key offers you a unique adventure, where entertainment combines pleasure and reflection in an ultra-realistic setting alongside actors present with you in your room.

The aim?
Immersed in a scenario where you are the adventurers, the goal is to escape in less than 60 minutes by solving the puzzles in your room.
An ideal moment to share with friends, family or even as part of a corporate team building.

Discover our 2 adventures



In a world where law and order have given way to chaos, you will need to be resourceful and cool to succeed in solving an unresolved mystery, of the American West. Make the right choices to survive in an age where no one can be trusted.

2 to 6 participants


Wanted difficulty


La crypte maudite

La crypte maudite

For centuries, a secret fiercely kept remains within this ancestral vault of the Saint-Germain family. Will you defy the dangers and traps of the vault and deliver the keeper from the curse that reigns in this place forgotten of time?

Participants numbers 3 to 8 participants


Crypte level


Skeleton Key


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Practical informations


FRIDAY (La Crypte Maudite only) 5:30 PM – 7 PM 


Strollers and suitcases are forbidden.
Skeleton Key is not recommended for children under 10 years old and young people under 15 years old must be accompanied by an adult. Not wheelchair accessible.




Address Skeleton Key, at Manoir de Paris 18 rue de paradis, 75010, Paris
Phone 01 87 16 47 05


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  • What is it and is it scary?

    You have an hour, with your team, to solve a mystery, thanks to the clues. Even though both rooms are immersive as they have actors, they are different. Wanted is more built around mystery with a few tense moments compared to the Crypte Maudite which plays on fear with a higher intensity.

  • We’ve never done an Escape Game before. Does it matter?

    The Skeleton Key is a new type of Escape Game offered by the Manoir de Paris. It is suitable for beginners as well as experienced adventurers. Due to the immersive aspect of actors, you will not be alone in the game. Remember: your team spirit will be the key!

  • What is the composition of the groups?

    Groupes can be formed of a minimum of 3 people up to 8 people maximum for the Crypte Maudite and 2 to 6 people maximum for Wanted.

  • We are a big group, what shall we do?

    Groups can be formed of 8 people maximum in the Crypte Maudite and up to you 6 people maximum for Wanted. Beyond that, for security reasons, it will not be possible to participate all together at the same time.

  • Are kids allowed to participate in an Escape Game?

    The minimum required age is 10 years old. Your team and adventurous spirit will allow you to solve the riddles. This can be difficult or impressive for kids of a younger age. Minors (between 10 and 15 years old) must be necessarily accompanied by an adult in the room or outside.

  • How long will this activity be open for?

    This is a permanent activity offered by the Manoir de Paris.

  • Does the price decrease by groups?

    Yes, please consult our price list. Once your session is booked, you can add people upon your arrival on the day of your escape game at the unique price of 32€/additional person, within the limited capacity of the room.

  • Are we alone in the Escape Game?

    Yes: only your group will be in the Escape Game, and no exterior person will be added to your group.

  • Is the show of the Manoir de Paris included in the price / do we need to do that course in order to access Skeleton Key?

    No: your Skeleton Key booking does not include the show of the Manoir de Paris. However, if you’d like to also visit the Manoir de Paris in the same week of your Skeleton Key booking, you will benefit from a Fast Pass ticket at the price of a normal ticket.

  • Is the Escape Game at a different address?

    No, our Escape Game takes place in a space, which up till now, has never been open to the public, within the premises of the Manoir de Paris.

  • Can we reschedule our session or get a refund?

    No, tickets cannot be changed or refunded. Indeed, the Escape Game combines the actors’ performances with the game: they are unique performances. However, you can add additional people, within the limited capacity of the room, upon your arrival on the day of your Escape Game at the price of 32€/person.

  • What happens if we’re late?

    The game begins when you arrive. If you are late, your game time will be shortened in order to carry out your mission. Your session will also be canceled depending on your lateness, with no possibility to be refunded. That is why we insist that the whole group arrives on time.

  • Will we need to use our strength?

    The Skeleton Key does not require any physical abilities.

  • Is there a cloakroom?

    Yes, contrary to the show of the Manoir de Paris, there is a room where you can safely store your belongings before entering the Escape Game.

  • Is Skeleton Key wheelchair accessible?

    Unfortunately, our Escape Game is not wheelchair accessible: the rooms are located in the basement and require moving around with ease and speed.

  • I cannot book my tickets, is it a problem with the website?

    We invite you to use the following browsers to book your session: Firefox, Chrome or Safari. If you are still facing technical issues, please contact us at



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